Birding Resources 

Ethical Birding

RVAS encourages birders to be mindful of their impacts on birds and other people, mindful of safety, and mindful of their own birding experience. Please keep in mind the birding code of ethics.

1. The birds’ welfare is the highest priority, so please:

  • Bird quietly, walk slowly, drive cautiously
  • Respect the birds’ territory, do not approach too
  • Be extra cautious when in the vicinity of nests
  • Refrain from using audio playback
  • Do not imitate Northern Pygmy-Owl calls
  • Do not harass birds by flushing, shining spot-
    lights, or pointing lasers
  • Refrain from using flash when photographing

2. Preservation of, and access to, habitat is important, so please:

  • Do not damage habitat (breaking branches, trampling vegetation)
  • Stay on established paths and roads
  • Respect private property; do not enter without express permission
  • Follow rules & regulations of public areas
  • Avoid aiming optics at people, residences, and businesses.

3. We’re all in this together, so please:
Be courteous to others in the group; your actions affect their birding experience. Remember that the group leader is responsible for the behavior of the group.

4. As you bird, we encourage you to be mindful of your impacts on birds and other people, mindful of safety, and mindful of your own birding experience.