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Red-naped Sapsucker (© Nick Viani 12/28) North Mountain Park, Ashland
Rock Wren (© Nick Viani 11/18) Emigrant Lake along the old highway
American Robin (© Nick Viani 11/17) Jacksonville Woodlands. Note: Madrone Berries are coveted by Robins and Cedar Waxwings - both of which we...
Warbling Vireo (© Nick Viani 9/22) Ashland transect A: BCCBS (Bear Creek Community Bird Survey)
Red-throated Phalarope (© Nick Viani 5/11) Kirtland Pond Water Treatment Facility, Medford, OR
Wilson's Snipe 1 of 2 (© Nick Viani 4/23) North Mountain Park, Ashland, OR
Wilson's Snipe 2 of 2 (© Nick Viani 4/23) North Mountain Park, Ashland, OR
Yellow-rumped Warbler (© Henry De La Torre - Apr. 6) Denman Wildlife Area
Downy Woodpecker (© Henry De La Torre - Mar. 25) Denman Wildlife Area, Whetstone Pond
American Kestrel (© Henry De La Torre - Mar. 2) Denman Wildlife Area
Rock Wren (© Cydne Jensen 2/18) Emigrant Lake
Acorn Woodpecker (© Henry De La Torre 2/8/22) Lynn Newbry Park. After a bath, this Acorn Woodpecker was shaking his head and rubbing...
Golden-crowned Sparrow (© Robert Mumby) Phoenix, OR
Red-shouldered Hawk (© Cydne Jensen 12/14/21) Ashland Pond
Sharp-shinned Hawk (© Nick Viani 11/10/21) Just showed up at our feeder looking for a meal, I suppose.
Great Gray Owl (© Marty Karlin 11/5/21) Keno Access Road
Peregrine Falcon (© Cydne Jensen 10/29) Overlooking the Ashland Pond
Lapland Longspur (© Janet Kelly) Lost Creek Lake
Wrentit (© Nick Viani) Along the coast near Florence, OR
MacGillivray's Warbler - yearling (© Nick Viani) Mount Ashland PCT Note: 1st year species feature a white throat that will eventually be replaced...
Semipalmated Sandpiper (© Janet Kelly) Agate Lake
Mountain Bluebird (© Elliot Bury) Howard Prairie Lake
Anna's Hummingbird (© Elliott Bury) Murphy, Oregon
Whimbrel (© Miguel Tejada-Flores) Cape Blanco, Oregon Note: It was a real treat to see them "up close and personal" as it were,...

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