Treasurer’s Report

Financial Summary for Fiscal Year July 2021 to June 2022
Kay Simmons, Treasurer

Total income of $10,605 for the fiscal year, July 1 2021 to June 30, 2022, came from these sources:

Dues                                               $3,751
National Audubon Society             1,870
Donations                                      4,263
Sale of Birds of Jackson County     147
The Chat printed subscriptions      374
Advertising in The Chat                   200

Total expenses of $7,052 for the fiscal year 2021-2022 went to the following:

Administrative expenses              $4,214
Mission expenses                           2,838

Administrative expenses included: web site, storage facility, office supplies, insurance, mailing, taxes, Chat expenses, Zoom, accounting, meeting facility.
Mission expenses included: Project FeederWatch bird seed, Southern OR Wildlife Crossing project, Rogue Valley Sewer Mudflats (Kirtland Pond) design, Purple Martin boxes, North Mountain Park’s Rogue Valley Bird Day.

Thank you, Rogue Valley Audubon Society members for your generous donations and contributions!

RVAS Mission Support

“RVAS mission support” includes support of the KBO Mountain Bird Festival; chapter membership in the Oregon Conservation Network; donations to WaterWatch and the Southern Oregon Land Conservancy; scholarships for educators at the Siskiyou Field Institute; purchase of Purple Martin nesting houses; and several activities that support education in the schools through Coyote Trails, Fall in the Field (SOU), North Mountain Park, and Birding in the Schools.