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Birding Hotspots, a new free book-
let from the Rogue Valley Audubon
Society, is now available at Wild
Birds Unlimited in Medford,
Northwest Nature Shop in Ashland,
and other locations in Jackson
County. The colorful  foldout  
includes a map and text describing
15 local birding destinations.  To
see the booklet online, click


Tue. Oct. 28 -- Chapter Meeting

Wed. Nov. 5 -- First Wednesday bird
count at Agate Lake

Sat. Nov. 8 -- Lost Creek Lake and Holy
Waters birding trip (Russ Namitz leader)

Wed. Dec. 3 -- First Wednesday bird
count at Agate Lake

Sat. Dec. 20 -- Medford Christmas Bird

Sat. Jan. 3 -- Ashland Christmas Bird

Wed. Jan. 7 -- First Wednesday bird
count at Agate Lake
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BIRDS OF JACKSON COUNTY, Fourth Edition, is now available for sale ($5.00) at local stores or by ordering
directly from the Rogue Valley Audubon Society (P. O. Box 8597, Medford, OR 97501).

It will also be sold at RVAS chapter meetings beginning September 23.  

This popular reference source features monthly abundance charts and distribution characteristics of all
species seen in the last 25 years as well as pre-1989 historical records.

Also in this booklet, updated since it was last published in 2009, is a county map with reference marks to
detailed descriptions of forty-five Jackson County birding and hiking locations in the Rogue Valley, the
Siskiyous and the Cascades.

Introductory notes written by Jackson County Checklist Committee chair Stewart Janes include discussion of
changes in this fourth edition, a general description of Jackson County and its birdlife, and extensive
comments on changes in local bird populations that have occurred in the last four decades

National Audubon's Birds and Climate Change Report

National Audubon recently released their important Birds and Climate
Change Report which explains how shrinking and shifting ranges
could imperil nearly half of U.S. birds within this century.

For more information, visit this page:

     Next Chapter Meeting Tue. Oct. 28

RVAS member Gary Palmer will present a program titled "Photographing
Birds--Lessons Learned" at the next chapter meeting Tuesday, Oct. 28.

Gary first became involved with bird photography when he and wife Carol
started bird watching.  Over the years he has improved his craft through
experience and advance equipment.  He'll share his experiences, show
photos and describe the cameras and accessories he used to get those

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