RVAS Student Research Scholarship

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RVAS’s mission is to support the conservation and restoration of ecosystems so that birds and other wildlife may flourish and contribute to our planet’s biodiversity. Members enjoy observing wildlife and seek its protection through efforts to advance public understanding of the relationships of all life forms and the consequences of interfering with these relationships. Rogue [...]

December 2018 – January 2019 Conservation Column

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The Conservation Column     By Pepper Trail This is the first conservation column in a long while in which I can celebrate some good news. The results of the mid-term election provide real hope that the worst anti-environmental excesses of the Trump Administration will be reined in by the new Congress. The following post-election analysis [...]

January Chapter Meeting: OR-7, Ambassador of Wolves

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Wolf OR-7, also known as Journey, has been a leader in the return of his species to Southern Oregon and California. He left his natal pack in 2011 and dispersed southward, eventually finding a mate and settling in the area of the Rogue-River Siskiyou National Forest. The Rogue pack, as his family group is called, [...]

Spotted Owls and Fire

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The page linked below is an excellent summary of a whole range of studies showing that forest fire is a net benefit to Spotted Owls, refuting the common timber industry (and agency) argument that logging is necessary to "fireproof" Spotted Owl habitat. https://dereklee.scienceblog.com/56/the-science-of-forest-fire-and-spotted-owls

Coos Bay Shorebird Survey November 25.

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The Pacific Flyway Shorebird Survey is coming up in Coos Bay on Sunday November 25th, 2018! Help count shorebirds if shorebirds count to you! We are searching for citizen scientists to help us survey in Coos Bay. The Pacific Flyway Shorebird Survey is part of the Migratory Shorebird Project, a multinational monitoring program led by [...]

November 2018 Conservation Column

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The Conservation Column By Juliet Grable The annual Oregon Audubon Council (OAC) Conservation Meeting was a great success. Twenty-one members from chapters around the state attended the meeting, which was hosted at the Green Springs Inn on the weekend of October 12-14. During the day-long Saturday meeting we reviewed the 2018 Conservation Priorities, identifying are-as [...]

Birds and Beers Inaugural

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The inaugural Birds and Beers on September 26 brought twenty people together, many of whom had never met before, for a night of good beer and lively conversation.  The highlight was a Speed Dating game where everyone moved about the room meeting one another and answering different questions such as, "If you could be a [...]

October 2018 Conservation Column

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The Conservation Column By Pepper Trail For this Conservation Column, here is an update on the 2018 conservation actions and priorities of the Oregon Audubon chapters, compiled by Joe Liebezeit of Portland Audubon. On October 13-14, Rogue Valley Audubon will host the annual conservation meeting of the Oregon Audubon Council (OAC) at the Green Springs [...]


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