Jim Harleman, long-time RVAS contributor, passed away suddenly June 1, while on a fly fishing outing in Eastern Oregon. He was known for  caring about people and causes, his knowledge-base, humor and integrity in a life of serving others.

With RVAS, he was a co-originator of the Wednesday Walks,  long -time leader of Area C for the Medford Christmas Bird Count, leader for frequent 3rd place team in the Birdathon contest, originator of the Big Sit at North Mountain Park’s Big Day, co-author of the Chat’s Old Coot columns, designer and leader of the Master Gardener Spring Fair RVAS Booth with its renowned “What Bird Is This” displays and a charter member  and leader of the splinter group Birding Buddies.

Written by Denny Niebuhr and endorsed by the Birding Buddies