In this fast paced program on Oct. 24, Norm Barrett will take you through a brief introduction of the types of dragonflies and damselflies in the county, habitats they can be found in, totally weird breeding behavior, and new discoveries.  Like a foraging dragonfly, we will dart hither, thither and yon in an effort to make you all experts in the science of the Odonata.  There will be a test.

After retiring as a biologist from the US Forest Service, Norm Barrett has been chasing and photographing dragonflies for almost 10 years now.  In that time he, and his evil twins, Gary Shaffer and Jim Livaudais, have documented and photographed 65 species in Jackson County.  With net and camera in hand(s) he has braved the shallowest ponds, stickiest mud and wettest meadows in search of something new.

Meet and greet friends from 7 to 7:15 p.m. Meeting and program starts at 7:15 p.m.

The Congregational Church meeting hall is located at The Congregational Church meeting hall is locate at 1801 E Jackson St, Medford, OR. on the north side of East Jackson street just west of Barneburg Rd. Make a left turn into the church parking lot at the tree in the middle of the road.