Patagonia is a region within Chile and Argentina that occupies the southernmost portion of South America—and is one of the most magnificently scenic landscapes on earth. In this presentation Brandon Breen will share photos and experiences from a hiking and birdwatching trip he took there in February of 2015, and also provide an overview of this remote and bewitching place. The talk includes glaciers, parakeets, turquoise waters, condors, buzzard-eagles, and even the secretive chucao tapacula, a bird whose voice, according to Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, “contains all the world’s loneliness.” We hope you can make it for this informative photo slideshow and tour of one of earth’s true gems.

About the Presenter

Brandon Breen is a writer and conservation biologist who lives in Ashland, Oregon. Brandon has worked on numerous avian research projects throughout the U.S. and abroad, focusing on such species as the California and Andean condors, the Turkey Vulture, and the Gray-crowned Rosy-finch. He completed his BA at Bates College and his MSc at the University of Minnesota. Brandon is currently writing his first children’s novel while also working on the Mindful Birding Project, which aims to increase awareness of ethical birding guidelines.