That song from “Fiddler on the Roof” sings the eternal truth of change and transition. But for us at Malheur Field Station, it is a song sung the other way around: SUNSET … SUNRISE!

We, and the birds at Malheur, need your help! And we need it urgently!!

  1. Our water system has completely failed, and we need to replace it. We cannot have guests on site until it is done. The cost is $200,000, and we need your imm ediate financial help to make it happen . HELP!!!
  2.  The Field Station is suffering from years of deferred maintenance and is in desperate need of a significant “facelift” – painting, clearing brush, removing scrap metal, needed safety upgrade s, and interior repairs to the trailers and dorms. Since the Field Station will be closed for the installation of the new water system, this is a perfect time to do some major work on our facilities. HELP!!!
  3. While our new manager, Rose, and maintenance worker, Doug, do the needed work, we wi ll suffer a loss of income from lost reservations and programs. We need donations to offset the lost income until we can open once again to a sunrise of new beginnings! HELP!!!

Here is how you can help!

1. If you can, make a major contribution to the replacement water system. The total cost is approximately $200,000. We have a contractor ready to go! We can do this!

2. We will close our facility until we can replace the water system and give an overall “face lift” to MFS. We estimate we will need an additional $50,000 for this effort, including making up for the lost revenue during the months we are closed. If you can make a gift of any size to make this happen, please consider doing so. In the past, our spring fund raiser has been “The Big Sit”! This year it will be ”The Big Do” !!

We will schedule a major open-house and “Re-Launching” event at our annual member’s meeting, September 22, 2018. You will all be invited, and it will be an opportunity to meet our new staff and celebrate the completed projects and water system that your gifts helped make happen!

For years MFS has been a place for people to come, learn, see and share in an amazing corner of Oregon. Our goal is to get through this challenging time and move into a bright future. Help us do that. We are facing a sunset…help us embrace the coming sunrise!

The Great Basin Society Board of Directors

Vern Beeson – President
James Monroe -Vice President
Janet Lamberson – Secretary
Laney Bardeen – Treasurer

Avenues to Donate: Donate button on and Face Book/ Mail in a check/ Call 541-493-2629
with a credit card .