RVAS and KS Wild urge you to take action.

The Great Gray Owls that rely upon public land forest habitat in the Howard Prairie area near the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument need your help.

Comment period now open.

For decades, the Medford District BLM has tried to balance timber production with the needs of wildlife by providing habitat buffers around rare species like Great Gray Owls when planning timber sales.

That balance has been thrown out the window and the BLM is now planning to remove up to 85% of forest canopy in occupied owl nesting sights.

This proposed “regeneration” logging will also remove old-growth forests and replace them with dense young tree-plantations, a practice that the BLM acknowledges will increase fire hazard for up to 30 years.

While the BLM may want to remove the forests around Howard Prairie regardless of their wildlife and recreational values, we don’t have to let them.

Please contact the Medford BLM District Manger and ask her to protect and restore our public lands instead of ravaging them.