Join wildlife biologist Karen Hussey at the October chapter meeting for a glimpse into the amazing life of the Vaux’s Swift. Discover what makes swifts unique, what mysteries remain, and what swifts have to do with hopscotch at Hedrick Middle School. Learn how a grant from RVAS has uncovered unexpected twists and turns and how you can help write the successful ending! If we are lucky, we may have a surprise appearance by Hedrick Middle School students!

Karen Hussey is a wildlife biologist with 14 years of experience working with birds as well as many other species ranging in size from moose to fairy shrimp. She’s been in the valley for nine years and currently is part of the stewardship team at Southern Oregon Land Conservancy. Karen is a co-leader of the Medford Winter Raptor Survey run by East Cascades Audubon and chairs the Scholarship Committee of the Oregon Chapter of The Wildlife Society. Other volunteer projects that keep her busy include fisher research, shorebird surveys, and of course Vaux’s Swift counts!