SEPTEMBER Virtual Program

Tuesday, Sept. 28 at 7:00 pm
The Recovery and Conservation of the California Condor

This month’s virtual program will feature several speakers. Each speaker will participate through their collaboration with the Friends of California Condors Wild and Free, and will discuss their own niche within the California Condor monitoring and recovery effort.

About The Speakers
Growing up in San Diego without many resources, Daniel Cook engaged with nature through the generosity of community groups, neighbors, and friends. Now, he seeks to get folks out in nature as an interpretation Park Ranger for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. He leads environmental education efforts throughout “condor country” in Southern California using the lens of California Condor conservation to help people fall in love with, and understand their place in, nature. He is passionate about our ecosystems, the magnificent California Condor, and our communities’ benefits from these natural resources. He received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Resource Management at California State University Channel Islands and served in the US Army from 2009-2018.

Andrew Clare is the Hunting and Conservation Outreach Coordinator with Great Basin Institute. Combining a background in natural resource management and a lifelong passion for the outdoors, Andrew works from within the hunting community to encourage the switch to non-lead ammunition. As a partner of the North American Non-Lead Partnership, he conducts live demonstrations, explains ballistics, and works with unaccustomed shooters on how they can shoot alternatives and contribute to conservation.

Debbie Parisi is a member of the Friends of Condors. She volunteers to coordinate and bring programs to interested groups.

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